Wisconsin Spice, Inc. services all channels of the food industry – industrial ingredients, foodservice, and retail. Industrial ingredients – both dry-milled and prepared mustards – are marketed under the Wisconsin Spice, Inc. brand name. Foodservice and retail mustards are offered under the Wisconsin Spice, Inc. and Uncle Phil’s® brand names, respectively, but customers worldwide have grown to appreciate Wisconsin Spice’s foodservice and retail co-packing capabilities in supporting customer branded products.

Industrial Mustard Ingredients

As industrial ingredients, Wisconsin Spice, Inc. offers mustard solutions, including prepared mustard, mustard flour, mustard bran, mustard seed, ground mustard, de-heated ground mustard, and de-oiled mustard flour. All of these products are available using all three mustard varieties: Yellow Mustard Seed (Sinapsis alba), Brown Mustard Seed (Brassica juncea) and Oriental Mustard Seed (Brassica juncea), or any blend of the three. In supplying mustard solutions to the global marketplace, Wisconsin Spice, Inc. offers a variety of packaging options, including dry-milled mustard in poly-lined bags, bag-in-box, and fiber drums; prepared mustards in fiber drums, totes (corrugated and plastic), pails (4-gallon and 5-gallon), flexible bag-in-box (3-gallon and 5-gallon), and more. Wisconsin Spice also offers Organic Certified and Non-GMO Certified mustard ingredients in various packaging options. For further information regarding Wisconsin Spice, Inc.’s mustard products offered, please click here.


Wisconsin Spice, Inc. has quickly grown a reputation as a leader in co-packing retail mustards. Wisconsin Spice works collaboratively with co-pack partners in developing the optimal product formulation and packaging format. Wisconsin Spice’s thirst and appreciation for flexibility – both in terms of product formulation and packaging – in working with co-pack partners is unmatched, all while offering the most competitive pricing in the market. We hope to show you our unique approach to co-pack partnerships! For further information in Wisconsin Spice’s retail co-pack capabilities, please click here.


Wisconsin Spice, Inc. works collaboratively with foodservice partners to identify the ideal product/package combination for the operation at hand. For prepared mustards, packaging options include flexible pouches (various sizes), bag-in-box (3-gallon and 5-gallon), rigid packaging (4/1 gallon), and tabletop mustards. Wisconsin Spice, Inc.’s flexibility in working with foodservice partners is unmatched. There is a willingness to work with partners in new product development and identification of the most cost-efficient product/package mix. For more information click here.

Seasoning Blends and Spices

Wisconsin Spice, Inc. also markets spices and spice blends. Wisconsin Spice, Inc. works with customers in developing custom and proprietary blends, packaging in a variety of materials and sizes. Spice blend batches can be produced in a range of 500 to 1500 lbs. Flexibility in the size of packaging and packaging material makes Wisconsin Spice, Inc. the ideal partner in blending spices for your products. For a complete list of spices and seasoning blends offered by Wisconsin Spice, Inc. please click here.