Wisconsin Spice is proud to offer a number of Certified Organic products in industrial, retail, and foodservice packaging options, including the following:

  • Organic #1 Grade Mustard Seed (Yellow and Brown)
  • Organic #1 Grade Whole Ground Mustard
  • Organic #1 Grade Cracked Mustard Seed (Yellow and Brown)
  • Organic Certified Yellow Mustard
  • Organic Certified Dijon Mustard
  • Organic Certified Mustard Paste
  • Organic Certified Dusseldorf-Style Mustard

In order to become a Certified Organic product, a facility must undergo an extensive review process to ensure that crops, production, and processing procedures comply with the Organic Food Production Act and USDA organic regulations. As of September 2015, we are proud to be the only U.S. manufacturer to provide Certified Organic#1 Grade Whole Ground Mustard and Certified Organic #1 Grade Cracked Mustard Seed (Yellow and Brown). For more information on our industrial mustard products, click here.