Wisconsin Spice, Inc.’s industrial mustard ingredients account for greater than 75% of the company’s sales, making it the world’s foremost supplier of mustard ingredients to the global marketplace.

The ability to supply both dry and prepared mustard ingredients to customers helps differentiate Wisconsin Spice, Inc. from the competition. By providing customers with the highest quality mustard ingredients, and complementing this with unwavering technical and customer support, Wisconsin Spice, Inc. is committed to helping its customers grow.

Innovative mustard applications are continually supplied to customers across the food industry. These customers depend on Wisconsin Spice, Inc.’s innovation, commitment to R&D, customer support, and “can-do” attitude in helping them reach their sales goals.

Whether you have a single facility or a global production network, Wisconsin Spice, Inc. is happy to partner with you in working to meet your needs.

Segments Served

Wisconsin Spice, Inc.’s industrial mustard ingredients can be used in a variety of applications. While Wisconsin Spice, Inc. is continually searching for new and innovative applications for its mustard products, here is a list of existing applications:

  • Pourable Salad Dressings (Two-phase and One-phase)
  • Spoonable Dressings and Mayonnaise
  • Tomato-based Sauces and Dressings
  • Prepared Mustards
  • Pickle Relish
  • Sausages and Meats
  • Seasoning Blends and Topical Coatings
  • And More!


Wisconsin Spice, Inc.’s industrial mustard ingredients are distributed around the world using multiple channels. To customers located within North America, Wisconsin Spice, Inc. primarily utilizes direct sales and distribution. However, brokerage and distribution opportunities exist. To learn more about becoming an authorized broker or distributor of Wisconsin Spice, Inc. products within North America, please contact: [email protected].


The entire Wisconsin Spice, Inc. industrial ingredient product portfolio is available for export. To learn more about export opportunities please contact: [email protected].