In opening the Phillip J. Sass Technical Center, Wisconsin Spice has further enhanced its ability to partner with customers in joint product development. A state-of-the-art mustard milling pilot plant enables Wisconsin Spice fast and efficient formulation development in efforts to suit customers’ desires. Whether conventional, Organic certified, or Non-GMO certified products are desired, Wisconsin Spice is open to launching unique products and packaging in efforts to meet customers’ idiosyncratic needs.

R&D and Quality professionals use their knowledge of mustard, spices, spice blends and corresponding technology to capitalize on the product development of safe and quality products per partners’ expectations. Whether the project calls for new product development, duplication, or development to customers’ specifications, there is no project the R&D Team is unwilling to accept and succeed at. The Quality Team complements the R&D Team to ensure that all products manufactured by Wisconsin Spice, Inc. meet requirements for safe and quality food.