Whole Ground mustard

The entire seed is ground to include the hull for viscosity and water binding capabilities and the endosperm, or flour, for flavor and emulsification. Whole Ground Yellow Mustard is the standard in meat seasoning blends, and is a low cost protein source. Whole Ground Yellow Mustard can also be ground to a super fine mesh to allow for greater surface area, thereby providing exceptional dispersion into liquid and/or dry applications. Ground Brown and Ground Oriental Mustards are commonly used in spicy and hot mustard formulations.

Whole Ground Yellow Mustard is offered both in conventional and Organic Certified varieties.

De-Heated Ground Mustard (DGM)

In making DGM the mustard heat enzyme (myrosinase) is inactivated during a controlled manufacturing process. Enzyme deactivation results in inhibition of the chemical reaction responsible for flavor development. The result is a mild flavored mustard product, characterized by a higher pH, and makes DGM an excellent natural binder in replacing gums and starches. Applications include uses in sauces, mayonnaise (can replace a portion of egg yolk), and tomato-based products such as ketchup and barbecue sauce. Because DGM is characterized by a higher pH, it is especially suitable for meat applications, particularly those which require a curing process.

Mustard Flour

Mustard flours are a finely milled granulation of Yellow, Oriental or Brown mustard seed with the hulls removed. Functional volatile oil levels ranging from a Trace to 0.8% minimum are available. The unique flavor and pungency of mustard flour is used widely in salad dressings, mayonnaise, snack seasonings, sauces and ethnic foods.

Economy mustard flours are also available for applications in BBQ sauce, specialty sauces, meat sauces and seasoning blends where bran specks are not objectionable.

Mustard Bran

Yellow, Oriental or Brown mustard bran will provide characteristic viscosity building and water binding properties, as well as visual particulates in your formulations.

Yellow Mustard Bran, available in multiple grinds, is highly functional as a natural thickener in sauces and dressings. It is cold water soluble, acid resistant, shear-thinning, and stable throughout heating and cooling cycles.

Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed is available in three varieties, in whole or crushed form:

  • Yellow Mustard Seed
  • Brown Mustard Seed
  • Oriental Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed is offered both in conventional and Organic Certified varieties.

All industrial dry mustard products are available in the following packaging options:

  • 50 lb.Multi-wall bags
  • 50 lb. Corrugate box with poly liners
  • 25 kg Multi-wall bags
  • Portion Control multi-wall bags available to meet specific net weights.


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